eLotteryBingo. Helping your organisation to raise funds.

Is your Football Club, Tennis Club or other organisation always short of cash? Are you constantly looking for new ways of raising funds?

If the answer is yes then why not try eLotteryBingo. eLotteryBingo is an online bingo game run by you for your members. When you Register you will choose a username and password that will enable you to set up and manage your Lottery Bingo members and control games. Administering your members is easy and they can see exactly how they are doing week by week.

It costs nothing to Register but a small fee is payable every six months. If you decide after 6 months that eLotteryBingo is not for you then there is nothing to pay.

For a detailed description of how eLotteryBingo works click on the How It Works link below. If you are worried about how much it will cost or how payments are made click on the Cost link below.


Registration is free and will enable you to choose a username and password so that you can administer your Lottery Bingo games. You will also be sent a template for a Lottery Bingo Application Form so you can start recruiting members straight away.


Lottery Bingo was originally devised by a West Midlands Sunday football club about 14 years ago as a means of getting a regular income. Since then they have raised over £40,000 for the club and paid out more than £55,000 to their members.