The first six months are free. On the six monthly anniversary of your registration and every six months afterwards you will be sent an email requesting a fee of 25. If you wish to continue using eLotteryBingo you must pay the 25 by the specified date.

Remember that for every 100 members you have, your society makes 5200 per annum less prize money. That is 2080 if you pay out 60% of the income from the Lottery. The charge for using eLotteryBingo is less than 5% of the income you obtain!

Important information about Society Lotteries

What is a society lottery?
Society lotteries are lotteries promoted for the benefit of a non-commercial society. A society is non-commercial if it is established and conducted:

  • for charitable purposes
  • for the purpose of enabling participation in, or of supporting, sport, athletics or a cultural activity
  • for any other non-commercial purpose other than that of private gain

A small society lottery:
  • does not have proceeds that exceed 20,000 for a single draw
  • does not have aggregated proceeds from lotteries in excess of 250,000 in any one year
Small society lotteries do not require a licence but must be registered with the licensing authority in the area where the principal office of the society is located. Details of registration requirements and procedures should be available from the licensing department of the relevant licensing authority. Application forms for registration to run a small society lottery can be downloaded from the DCMS website.