How it works

eLotteryBingo is based on a game of Lotto using the National Lottery Draw as the drawn numbers. You input the draws so you can choose to use any draw you wish - daily, Wednesday or Saturday. You can even make your own draws.

1. Recruit Members

Each of your members must complete a Lottery Bingo Application Form (which you get when you register). This requires them to enter their contact details and to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 59. They may have as many attempts as they like but each attempt will cost them one pound per week.

The bottom half of the form is a Standing Order Mandate made payable to your organisation's bank account. This must also be completed and sent or taken to the member's bank.
Getting payment by Standing Order ensures that your organisation doesn't have to spend lots of time and effort collecting cash each week.

2. Enter Members

Login to the eLotteryBingo Admin Menu using the details confirmed after your Registration and input your member's details. You can add or change members before the first draw of any game. Deletion of members can be made at any time.

3. Enter Draw

Each week you must input the National Lottery Lotto draw (Bonus Ball not included) - or any other draw you have chosen to use . A winner is any member who has had all of their chosen lottery numbers appear in the entered draws to date.
You decide how your prize money is distributed. It could be 50% or 60% of the amount taken in attempts but the decision is yours.

After a winning draw you will be prompted to start a new game when you enter the next draw.

Your members can see how they are doing by going to'your organisation name'.


The first 6 months will cost nothing. After 7 months there is a small fee payable every six months. Details can be found on the Cost page.